It stands for Playbased Early Childhood Education System.

Like Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research”, children learn through play. Play is a form of research, where children pursue their curiosity to its logical end. For example, at Peaches, one of the things we make the children do is gardening. When they plant a seed, they are curious as to what’s happening and start asking questions. And when they see a sampling grow and bear fruits, they will understand the process of the life cycle of a plant at the basic level. This lays the foundation to seek more answers and hence they learn more and more. This is a life skill which is very important and one of a key factor to becoming successful. Through this and many more such exercises, the analytical skills of the children are honed.

Ms. Suma Reddy personally trains all her staff according to PEACHES philosophy. This is an ongoing training since the curriculum is dynamic and is based on the interests on the children. Hence all the teachers are well trained and are sensitive to the needs of children.

For Playgroup it is 1: 8 , Nursery it is 1:9 and Kindergarten it is 1:10.


No, Peaches preschool is not a franchise. It is an independent preschool.

No. We believe that giving out a franchise will dilute our philosophy and hence do not give out franchises.

Yes, it is. Please contact the school for further information.

Yes Peaches provides snacks and all our snacks are balanced and healthy nutritious diet. For example, a fruit/ veggie ,carbohydrates and protein ( grapes, cheese sandwich/ vegetable mini idlies and milk).

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